In December of 2017, the St. Kitts Electricity Company Limited (SKELEC) completed the project phase of its AMI smart meter deployment. This puts St. Kitts among the leading Caribbean Utility Companies that afford customers up to date metering services such as remote disconnection and reconnection, on the spot final billing, remote reads and more.

The completion of the AMI smart meter project has also paved the way for the implementation of the new and ground-breaking service to St. Kitts, SKELEC’s Prepaid Metering – POWER UP. This service will enable customers to purchase electricity in advance and at their convenience.

This revolutionary service is expected to provide many benefits to customers including:

  • Empowering them to better understand their energy usage and make informed decisions
  • No monthly bill
  • No disconnection / re-connection charges
  • No deposit – lowers barrier for new customers
  • An installment-based Debt Payment Plan for consumers who have large outstanding balances.

While the prepaid service is designed for any customer wanting to take control of their energy consumption, it is also being targeted at

  • Customers who frequently move
  • Rental properties
  • Apartments
  • Persons unable or unwilling to pay a deposit
  • Disconnected customers wishing to be reconnected but who are unable to pay off their existing balance.

The pilot program will be launched for the staff of the company in August. The full launch of the program will take place later this year at a date to be announced. SKELEC has planned several educational activities aimed at informing the general public of the workings of this new service.