Our meter crews will be working in the areas of Dorset, Shadwell and Greenlands from Monday 27 to Thursday 30, January.

During this time the crews will be changing out the old meters to our new smart meters. Customers may realise that these new meters have a blinking light at the bottom, which may be visible at nights. The light means the modem is communicating with our concentrators and transmitting information back to our office.

If our crews encounter any issue replacing meter a note will be left for the homeowner to call us, to make an appointment to get access to the meter. Also the Company will be announcing new and updated meter installation guidelines.

This exercise is a continuation of our smart meter change out exercise, which began with our End 2 End project. About 5% of the meters on the island remained unchanged, this is to make sure we have all single phases, meters running on our smart meter platform.

All crew will be in SKELEC uniform and have SKELEC ID at all times. Do not allow access to your premises if the technicians are not properly dress or have the correct ID. Please call 4652000 if you would like further information regarding this exercise.