On Saturday 20th April a technician from our sister company GEBE (St. Maarten) flew in with the Meggar cable fault detection system and was joined by another technician on island. Both worked alongside technicians from our own cable and maintenance crew in identifying the exact area of the fault. The loaner unit became necessary after our own unit failed earlier this year and the new unit is currently being manufactured and is expected to be at SKELEC in a few weeks.

After nearly six hours of tracing the area between Keys and Cayon, the fault was found. Repairing the fault which is close to the Scenic Railway lines in Keys was scheduled to take place yesterday Tuesday April 23. Repair was completed late afternoon, and the reconfiguring of the network is expected to be done with minimum interruption to customer supply.

Once this is completed, our engineers will begin scheduling the necessary upgrading of the overhead local network in the area which will become better equipped to handle heavy load if our underground cable is to fail in the future.

SKELEC will continue to work on upgrading our network throughout the island as it has been doing for the past years.

We regret the inconvenience to our customers who have experienced loss of electricity supply due to this fault on the network as we to continue to work at improving the service we offer to all our consumers.