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Transmission & Distribution

The primary function of the transmission and distribution division of SKELEC is to plan, build, maintain and operate the 11KV distribution network on the island of St. Kitts. Currently SKELEC has the ability to reach about 95% of the island’s inhabitants. There are six major branches of the T&D division.

  • Administration: The administration department processes and oversees all administrative functions for the staff of 108 technicians and operations crews.
  • Control and Operations: This branch deals with the stability of the network through load management, protection and monitoring via our SCADA system.
  • Construction and Maintenance: This branch is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the overhead network infrastructure.
  • Metering Services: This branch is responsible for installing and maintaining all the meters on the island. The Metering department works closely with the Customer Service department to ensure timely and accurate delivery of bills.
  • Planning: The planning department is responsible for all future expansion of the SKELEC network. This branch works closely with all other branches of the Transmission and Distribution Division to ensure that all ideas are integrated into making the system robust and manageable.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: This branch is responsible for the maintenance of SKELEC’s fleet of vehicles to increase optimization of the vehicle assets thereby improving the response time of our crews.

Darius Warner

Vehicle Maintenance Manager

Rhondel Philip

Planning and Development Manager

Collin Williams

Metering Manager

Andy Williams

AMI Engineer