869-465-2013 / 600

Disconnection of Supply


Fill in the details below and print or save the file to be presented to SKELEC

Consumers wishing to terminate their supply should do the following:

  1. Complete application form.
  2. Proof of ownership or power of attorney,this can be a notraised letter.
  3. Final bill reading up to the disconnection date. Persons should come in and request a final real date prior to disconnection request.
  4. Payment of all outstanding amount prior to account termination
  5. If a deposit was made, a refund will be made minus the balance owed.

Maximum size 10MB

St. Kitts Electricity Company, Ltd. (SKELEC) Customer Service Department Central Street Basseterre Tel: (869) 465-2000 Fax: (869) 465-7308

Please complete as much of the following as applies to you. Note: Do not forget to sign the declaration and remember to bring photo identification (Social Security, Driver’s Licence, National Identification/Passport) when submitting this form. If you are acting on behalf of a customer you will also need to provide evidence of authority. (eg. Power of Attorney, Notarize Letter)

I, the undersigned customer of St. Kitts Electricity Company, Ltd. (SKELEC) hereby authorise and order SKELEC to perform the work requested below on the above date

Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB