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The administration division is responsible for all administrative functions, support services, and operations of the company. The administrative managers also oversee the technical divisions of the company. Most of the departments within the administrative division are housed in the main office on central street.

Human Resource and Administration: The human resource department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, disciplining, and terminating employees. The human resource department ensures that company policies are adhered to, oversees employee benefits packages, and maintains employee records the department also oversees facilities management.

Information Technology: The information technology department manages and oversees all of the company’s information systems, computer network systems, and security databases. This department also works closely with all other departments to provide technical support and to implement new technology geared towards improving efficiency.

Finance: The finance department oversees the financial management of the company which includes but is not limited to controlling all sources of revenue generation and expenditure for the company. The finance department consists of the customer service department which comprises of the inquiries department, billing department, meter readers department, and debt collection department; stores department; and the accounts department.

Internal Audit: The internal audit department performs risk management and quality assurance of the company’s internal control processes, and accounting procedures. The internal audit department provides recommendations to the board of directors on ways that the company’s processes can be improved.

Corporate Communications: The corporate communications department is directly responsible for driving company perception, reputation management, crisis communications, public relations, marketing, and maintenance of corporate identity. The department oversees all internal and external communication channels and is responsible for all digital, print and oral communication produced by the company.

Safety and Security: The Safety and Security Department is responsible for the design and implementation of policies and programs to protect employees, assets, and visitors to any SKELEC facility, towards ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment in which to operate and do business. We are committed to the health and safety of all. One primary goal of this Department is to empower using education and training programs to ensure that the team at SKELEC is equipped to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against the negative impact of natural hazards and man-made disasters. While we seek to be the leader in the implementation of safety and security measures within the energy sector on St. Kitts and Nevis we hope to achieve this by embracing the best practice of “Safety First – At all times”.


Clement Williams

General Manager

Pearl Williams

Finance Manager

Jonathon Kelly

Engineering Manager

Kenrod Roberts

Assistant Engineering Manager

Ikeishia Esdaille-Turo

Assistant Finance Manager

Dwyer Edmeade

IT Manager

Trevil Baker

Assistant IT Manager

Rudolph Knight

Materials Manager

Inga Rogers

Human Resource Manager

Patrice Harris

Corporate Communications Manager

Shomari Warner

Audit Manager

Sanshe Thompson

Customer Service Manager

Sasha Boncamper


Claricia Langley-Stevens

Safety and Security Manager

Kemeida Smith

Assistant Human Resources Manager