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Payment Plan​

What is a deferred payment plan?

The Deferred Payment Arrangement is a payment agreement given to residential customers to assist with clearing their outstanding arrears while keeping current. Customers may be granted a maximum of 36 months to clear the balance.

How much money do I need to deposit to begin a payment plan?

The Minimum requirement for a payment plan is 20%, but we can ask up to 40%.

Can I sign up for a deferred payment arrangement plan if my name is not on the account?

No, only persons whose name is on the account (account holder), or his or her representative, can sign up for the payment plan.


What if I have a bill that is extremely higher than what it regularly is or I feel it should be?

You can visit our office and request us to do a meter check/test. Following that members from our AMI (Advance meter Interface team) will conduct tests to verify that the meter is working as it should. These tests are a series of procedures and tests conducted by SKELEC to determine the source(s) of a consumer's monthly power consumption. The process involves using electrical measuring tools and the data from the AMI system to identify how and when power is consumed at a given location. The consumer is provided with a report at the end of the process which may contain recommendations on reducing consumption. This service comes with a cost. For more details, please contact a SKELEC customer service representative.

Am I being billed correctly?

If you feel that your bill is incorrect, we invite you to call our customer service representatives at 465-2000. Or email customerserive@skelec.kn We would be glad to go over with you any issues you may have.

When should I receive my electricity bill?

SKELEC bills several times during the month. Each area around the island is billed at different times. However, you are billed in a thirty (30) day period and bills are normally produced up to five (5) or seven (7) days after meters are read.

Do I have to come into the main office to pay my bill?

No, you can use our Interactive Voice Response system and pay your bill over the phone. To do so have your account number and credit card information handy. You may also make payments via your bank web portal. If you are a customer of SKNA National Bank, ScotiaBank or First Caribbean you can sign up online to make payments directly from your account. There is also the option to sign up for SKELEC’s online billing portal eBiz which allows you to make payments on our website. The opportunities are endless.


What does the reading on my meter means?

My Meter Display Information: The current SKELEC meter shows a number of different screens related to electrical energy.

What should I see on my meter screen?

 You meter will show nine (9) "8" and lets the reader know that none of the digits are fading or has faded.  Please report to SKELEC customer service if you have a fading or faded digit(s) meter.

When I see the kWh input on my meter screen what does it mean?

This shows your current energy consumption. Also known as the meter reading screen.

Outages and Faults

When reporting a fault what number should I call?

Customers wishing to speak with our operators are advised to call 465-2013, or 600 from their mobile phones to report faults, otherwise customers may call 465-2000 to leave a message on our automated call-in service. Customers should be willing to provide a callback number and proper directions.

If I find a streetlight that is not working, what do I do?

In the event of a street light malfunction, you should call 465-2013, 600 from your mobile device and make the report. Most of our streetlights have a pole number, if no number is present please give as much detailed information to assist our crews in finding the light. Please also mention if the light does not turn on at nights or is always on during the day. A call back number is also helpful so we can reach you if we need further directions. You may also wish to do so on our website: Report Streetlight Issue Here

What number to do I call if I lose power?

If for whatever reason your electricity service is out we advise you call 465-2013, or 600 from your mobile to report the issue. This is much faster than leaving a message via social media as those channels are not manned 24 hours a day.

Can I be compensated if my appliances or electronics are damaged by SKELEC?

If you feel that your appliances or electronics might have been damaged by SKELEC, we advise you to call 465-2013 to immediately make a report. Next, get an electrician to ascertain the damage, then file that claim to SKELEC within 48 hours (2 businesses days, from the time of the event. Email claim to customerservice@skelec.kn or fill it out on the website. A customer service representative will reach out to you to further discuss the claim.

Supply and Connection

Can I run my meter connection on a pole for my electricity connection?

No, SKELEC would prefer if you have your meter as close to the pole where electricity supply is to be connected. You may erect a meter base along with pole and weather head with about 18” of wire hanging out so that we may connect the service line.

If you are living across the street from the nearest pole, you would be required to erect a meter base with a riser post and weather head (the specification of this can be found on our website).

What if I would prefer to have my service supplied underground?

SKELEC is only responsible for your service from the meter to the pole. You my run your service line from meter to the residence, that expense is to be borne by you the customer. We however advise that the connection be at least 18 to 24” below the surface and be marked to prevent damage in the event of digging in the area.