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Power Savers (Commercial)

You have the power to reduce your organisation’s energy costs.

Businesses and institutions in the Caribbean typically spend about 10% of their total operating costs on energy each year. For some organisations, energy costs represent up to 50% of operating costs. By making energy-efficient improvements, you can decrease your energy use by as much as 20% per year and reduce your operating costs.

Energy efficiency is good for your bottom line.

Energy efficiency will improve your bottom line and help strengthen the region’s economy by reducing its dependence on imported fuel. Energy efficiency means reducing energy consumption without sacrificing the processes and equipment that use energy. There remain many low-cost solutions. And remember, even if the purchase price of energy-efficient products may be a little higher, the cost will be offset by the resulting energy savings that occur over the life of the measures.


Follow these bright ideas to save energy:

Food Service Equipment

Ensure that food is stored safely and served fresh while you save energy:

Air Conditioning

Beat the heat and maintain a comfortable working environment with these energy savers:


You can save energy even when your employees are on the go:

Office Equipment

Follow these bright ideas to save energy: