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Residential Supply​


Applying for a new supply is an easy and fast process.

If you are applying for a newly built house below are some steps to follow.

  1. Please ensure that your house was wired by a qualified electrician.
    It is
    best to have the form completed by this electrician. SKELEC suggests that both the electrician and homeowner come into the office to fill out the application form.
  2. Applicant should provide proof of ownership of the property
  3. Applicant should provide two forms of government ID’s
  4. Applicant should provide Commencement Certificate 
  5. Applicant should provide Meter Number 

After completion of the application, the next step will be the inspection process. This will take place by government inspectors who will inspect the wiring of the house. Once approved, the applicant will be informed by SKELEC to come into our office and make a payment. The application fee for a new supply varies based on the distance from nearest post and any extra wiring that may be necessary.

If you are a renting your home, please find the steps below.

  1. Tenant and Landlord should come into the office to complete the application form. Ideally, SKELEC advises that both the landlord and the tenant should complete this form at the same time; however, if this is not possible the application form can be filled out first by the Landlord then by Tenant.
  2. Tenant must supply two forms of ID’s
  3. The landlord must show proof of ownership
  4. The applicant must pay a security deposit which will be estimated and held until the service is no longer required. The security deposit will be refunded to tenant once account is settled.
where supply required
in sq ft.

Security Deposit will be reviewed and upgraded after 3 months if necessary

Date available for inspection (new installations) by Inspector

Date available for test (new installations) by SKELEC


(If Applicable) Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB

(If Applicable) Maximum size 10MB

Two forms of government ID’s

Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB