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Commercial Supply


Persons wishing to apply for new commercial services should begin application process well in advance as these types of supply might require installation of additional capacity like transformers, etc. If an estimate is required, applicant can call 465-2000 ext 331 or email  planning@skelec.kn

The requirements for new supply to a commercial or industrial area is as follows:

  1.  Application form should be completed by an electrician and owner
  2. Proof of ownership and copy of business license
  3. Security deposit will be required.

Things one should consider before coming in to apply for service:

  • Property should have been wired by qualified electrician
  • Know whether it will be single phase or a three (3) phase connection

After completion of application process, government inspectors will inspect the wiring of the property. After approval SKELEC will contact  applicant to come in and make payment for the final process and installation of supply. 

If applicant is moving into a building that had electricity before the process same as listed above.

If you are a renting your commercial space, please find the steps below.

  1. Tenant and Landlord should come into the office to complete the application form. Ideally, SKELEC advises that both the landlord and the tenant should complete this form at the same time; however, if this is not possible the application form can be filled out first by the Landlord then by Tenant.
  2. Tenant must supply two forms of ID’s
  3. The landlord must show proof of ownership
  4. The applicant must pay a security deposit which will be estimated and held until the service is no longer required. The security deposit will be refunded to tenant once account is settled.
where supply required
in sq ft.

Security Deposit will be reviewed and upgraded after 3 months if necessary

Date available for inspection (new installations) by Inspector

Date available for test (new installations) by SKELEC


(If Applicable) Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB

(If Applicable) Maximum size 10MB

Two forms of government ID’s

Maximum size 10MB

Maximum size 10MB