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Tree Cutting

Who do I contact if I need trees trimmed?

We advise that customers do not attempt to prune or cut trees that are close to power lines. For safety reasons, trimming trees around power lines should only be attempted by trained professionals. If branches are within 10 feet of our power lines, please contact our Emergency Centre at 465-2013 or via e-mail at treecutting@skelec.kn. If branches are over 10 feet away from our power lines, contact your gardener/landscaper.

What will SKELEC do if trees need to be trimmed?

Once contacted, our crews will inspect the trees that require trimming/cutting to ensure that they are within 10 feet of our power lines and issue a letter of agreement stating that SKELEC will arrange to have the trees trimmed, cut or removed without cost.

What steps can I take before planting trees?

Make sure that when you are planting trees that you consider how high the trees will grow over time. Look up and make sure you place the tree(s) well away from overhead power lines.

Contact the local nurseries and get advice on types of trees and the right locations for planting trees to reduce the need for future tree trimming around power lines.

In addition, if you notice that a tree on your property has the potential to be a safety hazard in the near future, arrange for the tree to be removed before it gets too large.