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Independence 40 Electricity Reset

  • 24 September 2023
  • News

Here’s all you need to know about the Electricity Reset:

  • The reset is applicable to residential customers who are currently disconnected. To be reconnected, customers must visit the customer service department to setup a deferred payment arrangement plan (DPA).
  • The DPA allows the customer to pay off the current arrears in small manageable monthly installments overtime.
  • The usual reconnection fee will be waived.
  • Customers are encouraged to make a deposit. This will reduce the arrangement amount and the monthly installments to be paid.
  • All customers including reconnected customers must keep their bill current to remain connected.
  • All customers should adopt energy conservation practices to keep their bill manageable.

To learn more about this initiative visit us at our main office on Central Street from 8 am- 3pm weekly to speak to our dedicated Customer Service team.

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