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SKELEC conducts fire drill at the Transmission and Distribution Building

  • 26 March 2024
  • News

Basseterre, St. Kitts (Tuesday 26th March 2024)— The St. Kitts Electricity Company Limited has taken a proactive step towards enhancing safety protocols with the successful execution of its inaugural fire drill at the Transmission and Distribution Building. The drill, organized by the Fire Mitigation Task Force in collaboration with the Safety and Security Department, aimed to prepare staff for emergency situations and ensure that all safety protocols are being adhered to.

The drill brought together employees from various departments to simulate a controlled emergency scenario. Through planned procedures and simulations, participants underwent evacuation protocols and familiarized themselves with the proper utilization of fire safety equipment.

“Safety is a top priority at SKELEC. The drill served as a crucial training exercise, enabling our team to identify potential areas for improvement and refine our emergency response strategies. By collaborating with our Fire Mitigation Task Force and Safety and Security Department, we aim to cultivate a culture of preparedness and responsiveness to emergencies,” stated Mrs. Langley-Stevens Safety and Security Manager.

The drill showcased the company’s dedication to adhering to industry-standard safety practices and complying with regulatory requirements. It also provided an invaluable opportunity for employees to gain hands-on experience in handling emergencies, thereby bolstering their confidence and readiness.

SKELEC extends its appreciation to all participants and stakeholders involved in making the fire drill a success. The company remains committed to fostering a safe working environment and will continue to conduct regular training exercises to uphold the highest safety standards.