The St. Kitts Electricity Company Limited (SKELEC) is a public utility that provides electric power generation, transmission and distribution services.  The power station is located at Needsmust, and comprises of ten (10) diesel generators operating in droop and with a total capacity of 43 MW. This services a peak demand of approximately 24 MW and a base load of approximately 14 MW. The transmission system comprises of twelve (12), 3-phase, 3-wire, 11 KV radial feeders originating at the generator bus bar at power station. It comprises of both underground and overhead feeders. The 11 KV is converted to 3-phase, 4-wire, 400V and single phase, 2-wire, 230V, respectfully supplied to “class” consumers. The system frequency is 60 Hz.

SKELEC is presently in the process of implementing the renewable energy policy of the government. This calls for the reduction of its reliance on diesel fuel, and the integration of renewable energy into the grid. This will involve connecting large-scale independent power providers (IPPs) and the generating facilities of small-scale individual domestic and commercial consumers into the electrical grid.