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Video: SKELEC Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually around the globe in celebration of women’s contributions to development. This year IWD is being celebrated under the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality ”. At SKELEC, we continue to work towards gender equality and this year have chosen to feature women who utilize some form of technology in their daily tasks or who have innovated creative solutions to challenges faced in their work environment. Women play a crucial role in the overall development and success of SKELEC and today we wish to celebrate and salute the women of SKELEC.

The interviewees in the video are:

  • Mrs. Ikeishia Esdaille-Turo: Assistant Finance Manager
  • Mrs. Claricia Langley-Stevens: Safety and Security Manager (First Female Technical Manager)
  • Ms. Amy Rawlins: Junior Drafter (First Female Draftsperson)
  • Ms. Geneisha Hendrickson: Corporate Communications Officer

Featured in the video are:

  • Mrs. Nuricer Archibald: Chairperson of SKELEC Board of Directors (First Female Chairperson)
  • Mrs. Muriel Warner Browne: Billing Clerk
  • Ms. Shalanda Gomez: Administrative Assistant Metering Department
  • Ms. Marsha Phillip: Receptionist
  • Mrs. Antoinette Henry Fyfield: Administrative Assistant Generation